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The text in which this project is based is the Edgar Allan Poe’s short story called Hop-Frog.

Hop-Frog, a person with dwarfism and has some physical deformities who takes revenge on the King by murdering him in a masquerade. Poe found writing therapeutic, and he made use of it to take the revenge he could not do in real life, using Hop-Frog as is alter-ego.

Due to this duality between the author and the text, I decided that instead of creating two characters from the story for mi FMP, I would use Allan Poe as my second one, creating a link between the story and the writer. The conceptual goal would be to make the audience identify this duality and make the viewer realize that they are both “the same person”. To make this happen, a study of the structure and composition of the final photos has been done, playing with the position of the characters and their attitudes.


This character makeup is composed of 5 silicone prosthetics on the face, on cowl which covers the head and the neck of the model, some fake teeth and some flat silicone prosthetics on the hands.

Edgar Allan Poe

I made some flat silicone prosthetics to simulate the eyebags as well as a hand-knotted moustache. The hair was styled for the photoshoot by Anna María Rivera.

The concept

The idea for the performance context is to create a promotion photoshoot for a Netflix series based on Allan Poe’s best stories. being Hop-Frog one of them.


Photograpy and edition: Jose Esteve. Jose is an amazing photographer based in London whose work is normally focus on portraits. However, for this project he worked really hard on the composition and structure of the pictures as I needed to tell a story with the photos. Also, he is an expert in lighting and he perfectly understood the atmosphere I wanted for the photos.

Thank you to Raquel Acosta for filming the behind the scenes video, to my model Javier and to my assistant Anna Maria Rivera.

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